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The First UCAS International Students Education Seminar
Author: Update time: 2015-11-03
The first UCAS international students education seminar was held at the Yanqihu campus on 30 October, attended by UCAS Vice-President Wu Yueliang. About 200 education management staff members from 121 CAS institutes, UCAS schools and colleges attended the seminar.



Since education internationalization has become one strategy of CAS, it's planning to develop an international education team and increase the number of international students by 3 to 5%. UCAS is the vital component of the education internationalization of CAS. The seminar noted that the total number and educational quality of international students are the key quality factors with regard to education internationalization. It encouraged staff members from UCAS and the various CAS institutes to frequently communicate and improve international student education with mutual efforts.


The seminar invited guests from the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau and from Pingan Insurance Company to explain related issues. Outstanding staff members from selected CAS institutes shared their working experiences concerning international student management with the attendees.


UCAS has admitted and trained 1413 international students since 2004. Currently, there are 1087 international students from 96 countries and regions studying at UCAS. The average growth rate from 2011 to 2015 was 65%. By 2020 the number of UCAS international students may be 3000-5000, which would be 7% of the total student population.


In 2015, 255 students applied to study abroad through the China Scholarship Council program and more than 150 other students by means of UCAS joint programs with international universities. 500 doctoral students are funded to attend international conferences in 2015.


Written by Hu Menglin & Xia Yu




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