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Cooperation Agreement Signed with the University of Wroclaw
Author: Update time: 2015-06-03



A UCAS Delegation led by Prof. Ding Zhongli, President of UCAS and Vice-President of CAS, visited the University of Wroclaw, Poland on 21 May. Prof. Ding was welcomed by Prof. Adam Jezierski, Vice-President of the University of Wroclaw, responsible for international cooperation.



A cooperation agreement was signed by Prof. Ding and Prof. Jezierski after their formal meeting. According to the agreement, both universities will establish partnership in the fields of education and scientific research through faculty, staff and student exchanges, facilitating communication of information and views in areas of common interest.


The UCAS delegation visited the University of Wroclaw Museum and the pavilion for Nobel Prize recipients. In the conference hall, Prof. Jezierski played a welcome song on an over-300-year-old piano.


The University of Wroclaw, founded in 1702, is one of the largest and best academic institutions in Poland. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the University of Wroclaw produced 9 Nobel Prize recipients: Theodor Mommsen, Philipp Lenard, Eduard Buchner, Paul Ehrlich, Fritz Haber, Friedrich Bergius, Erwin Schrödinger, Otto Stern and Max Born.


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