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SDC Basketball Team Does Well
in Beijing's "China Exploration" Competition
Author: Update time: 2013-05-14
On 27 April, 2013, the Sino-Danish Center (SDC) basketball team, consisting of three Danish students, Steffen Helledie, Søren Hybler, Jakob Møller and one Chinese student, Qin Xuzhong, entered the quarter finals of the 3 v 3 Basketball Contest’s qualification round of the "China Exploration" Competition in Beijing, which is a cultural and sports event for international students who study and live in China. In the first game of the group stage, they lost only 2 points to the Beijing Sport University team, one of the best teams in the league, with a final score of 11-9. In the subsequent three games they scored three consecutive wins against the the other teams in their group, qualifying them for the knock-out stage. They finished as one of the top 8 teams in the competition, in the never-give-up spirit of UCAS and SDC.

The Sino-Danish College Team also competed in the gym dance and orienteering race of the "China Exploration" Competition. Danish students Mette, Shamail, Jacob and German student David, dressed in Chinese Han traditional clothing, impressed the audience with the music of "Moonlight in the Lotus Pond".SDC students Liu Chaoqun, Karoline and Grith and others in a team of six received a good score in the orienteering race. The SDC excellent performance on the stage of the "China Exploration" Competition for all Beijing area international students, represents the spirit of innovation, openness, vigor and industry of UCAS international students.
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