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Copenhagen Business School Delegation Visits UCAS
Author: Update time: 2013-04-25

A delegation led by Prof. Per Holten-Andersen, President of Copenhagen Business School (CBS), visited UCAS on 15 April, 2013. Prof. Su Gang, Vice President of UCAS, met the delegation.

Prof. Su expressed a warm welcome for the first visit of Prof. Holten-Andersen. Together they discussed the collaboration progress between UCAS and CBS, expressing a desire for further cooperation in terms of both education and research. Prof. Su emphasized the importance of sustainability in bilateral collaboration. Prof. Holten-Andersen was making his first visit to UCAS, which he highly valued, regarding it as the beginning of a long-term collaboration between the two universities. He also said that he hoped that the two sides would develop a wider range of academic exchanges. The two presidents both spoke highly of the key role played by SDC in educational and academic collaboration. SDC bridges UCAS and CBS, functioning as a productive platform from various aspects.

In 2012, UCAS and CBS enrolled the first 27 students in the SDC educational program Public Management and Social Development, with 14 Chinese students and 13 Danish students enrolled. In 2013, the Public Management and Social Development program will continue to enroll students, providing them with extensive knowledge and first-hand insight into welfare state models and institutions in China and Denmark.

CBS ranks among the top business schools in Europe. Established in 1917, CBS is renowned for its business administration educational programs.

( Written by Yang Lingnan)

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