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The First Science & Culture Forum - CAS Einstein Professorship Series Lecture
Author: Update time: 2013-05-22
On May 18, 2013, the ninth CAS Public Science Day, the first Science & Culture Forum - CAS Einstein Professorship Series Lecture was held in the Auditorium of the Yuquanlu Campus, UCAS. Prof. Li Jinghai, Vice President of CAS and Mr. Liu Que, Vice Chairman of the People抯 Political Consultative Conference of the Haidian District attended the forum. The Executive Vice President of UCAS hosted the forum.

Prof. Wu Yueliang delivered a welcome speech introducing the aim of the forum and the uniqueness of UCAS in education. He pointed out that scientific innovation and science popularization were highly related, adding that the Science & Culture Forum would promote scientific and cultural transmission. Prof. Li Jinghai presented the CAS Einstein Professorship Certificate to Professor David Y.H. Pui and welcomed him to give the invited lecture.

Professor Pui introduced in detail the integrative approach to the study of PM2.5 pollutants concerning rationale, instrumentation, sources, effects, and mitigation. He showed two photos of a site in Xi'an with radically different levels of air quality, illustrating the importance of environmental protection. Professor Pui's research team found that air with 40% of PM2.5 originates from pollutants generated by coal-firing, with an additional 30% from automobile exhaust. He pointed out that the effects of PM2.5 pollutants on atmospheric visibility and human health were especially harmful to children. In order to insure that future generations enjoy a clean and healthy environment, it's urgent to solve the increasingly severe PM 2.5 problems caused by air pollution. Prof. Pui strongly suggested that an integrative approach, with collaboration among academia, government, and industries, might effectively manage and mitigate the PM2.5 pollutants in China. Academia provides possible solutions, the government provides economic support and industry puts plans into action. The three parts work together to substantially reduce air pollution.

The forum closed with Professor Pui and the audience heatedly discussing the influences, sources and protection methods concerning PM 2.5 particulate air pollution.

Professor David Y.H. Pui received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 1976. He became a full professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department of University of Minnesota in 1992. He has published more than 220 refereed journal papers and received 20 patents. He received the Fuchs Memorial Award at the International Aerosol Conference (IAC-2010) in Helsinki. He is Director of the long-running Minnesota Short Course on Aerosol and Particle Measurement, attended by more than 2,200 practitioners from industry and government agencies. The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) conferred an Einstein Professorship on him in 2013.

The Science & Culture Forum is based on the Science and China Academicians Lectures, the CAS Einstein Professorship Series Lectures, and "the Wings of Human Civilization" activities of Haidian District. This forum promotes in depth science popularization and culture transmission in China.
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