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2012 MHD International Symposium at UCAS
Author: Update time: 2012-11-23
On 26 October, 2012, the Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) International Symposium was held in the Science and Technology Building of the Yuquan Road campus of UCAS, which was hosted and co-organized by the School of Physics (SP) and the College of Material Science & Opto-Electronic Technology (CMO).

Electromagnetic Processing of Materials (EPM) experts Professor Yves Fautrelle (CNRS/SiMAP/EPM, France) and Professor Andre Thess (Ilmenau University of Technology-TUI, Germany) served as the co-chairmen. MHD experts from Germany, France, the U.K. and China's Northeastern University, Institute of Metal Research, Shanghai University, China Iron and Steel Research Institute Group, participated in this symposium. Recent developments in aspects of MHD and EPM were discussed.

The Executive Dean of CMO, Professor HU Zhongbo and the Executive Dean of SP, Professor NI Mingjiu, gave welcome addresses.

Prof. Jacqueline Etay from the CNRS/SiMAP/EPM gave a lecture titled "On the reprocessing of salts for the GEN IV molten salt reactor". Prof. NI Mingjiu described the analytical and numerical solutions of the Hartmann flow under the conditions of the low magnetic Reynolds number approximation. Prof. LI Benwen from Northeastern University discussed coupling heat radiation with magnetohydrodynamics, the so-called R-MHD, using a spectral approach to solve R-MHD problems. TUI Senior Professor Andre Thess gave a lecture on electromagnetic flow control and electromagnetic flow measurement, which involved fundamental and application interests. Prof. Christian Karcher from TUI presented experimental and numerical simulation work using a" time-of-flight" concept with the technique of Lorentz force velocimetry to measure fluid flow rate with unknown conductivity. A lecture given by Prof. Christian Resagk from TUI on velocimetry working in a weak electrolyte solution attracted wide scientific interest.

Prof. Alban Potherat from Coventry University described the analysis of the flow structure and the vortex evolution by passing through a "magnetic obstacle". CAS/IMR EPM expert YANG Yuansheng's lecture concerned the application of a low voltage pulsed magnetic field to the solidification of metals, in particular with a nickel-based alloy. Prof. LIU Tie from Northeastern University reported on the material process in a high magnetic field as done in Professor Wang Qiang's research group. Prof. WANG Xiaodong from CMO/UCAS present three aspects of his EPM group's recent work: Pneumatic Electromagnetic Stirring (PEMS), Lorentz Force Particle Analyzer (LFPA) in cooperation with Professor Andre Thess of TUI), and a modulated helical magnetic field.

The one-day symposium with seven academic lectures was an effective international academic exchange, increasing cooperation concerning MHD research.
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