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Dr. Jane Goodall Gives a lecture at UCAS
Author: Update time: 2012-11-21

On November 6th, Dr. Jane Goodall, a British biologist, animal breeder and authority of world's chimpanzees research, made a speech in the Doctoral Humanistic Lecture Series of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Zhongguancun campus, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. She shared the "Hope: Stories of Saving Endangered Animals and Plants" with the audiences. Jane Goodall is an international well-known figure in environmental and biological protection. She has dedicated herself to the wild chimpanzees research for 38 years. The times of USA said she is the most outstanding wild zoologist of 20th century in the world. Jane Goodall is also active in environmental education and public welfare establishments. In 1995, Jane Goodall was conferred the title of royal dame on by British Queen. In 2002, she was appointed as the United Nations' Peace Messenger.

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