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Director of US National Science Foundation (NSF)
invited as Honorary Professor of GUCAS
Author: Update time: 2009-08-20

GUCAS President Bai Chunli and NSF Director Bement

On May 22, 2006, an honorary ceremony for Dr. Arden L. Bement, Jr., Director of US National Science Foundation (NSF) was held at Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (GUCAS) Zhongguancun Campus. Dr. Bai Chunli, executive vice president CAS, awarded Honorary Professorship, and Dr. Deng Yong, Chairman of University Council of GUCAS presided this ceremony.

At this occasion Dr. Bai Chunli said, “Many governments around the world are now giving importance to opinions and experience of Dr. Arden L. Bement, Jr. since he is leading one of the most innovation-oriented institutions like NSF in the United States of America. Unlike any other centuries in history of human beings, 21st century has already shown itself, a sea of great innovations and inventions which play a great role in promoting our economic society. We are very grateful to Arden L. Bement, Jr. for his perspective and his valuable suggestions on knowledge-innovation system of Chinese Academy of Science, which is the major research institute in China to carry out national-wide scientific projects.

“NSF highly appreciates cooperation between China and the United States in scientific research” said by Arden L. Bement, Jr. adding more he said “China’s increasing importance as key player in science and technology, I hope cooperation between our two countries will go further and deeper in the future. Related to this, he gave a speech titled Global Connection: Research and Education in Cooperation after the ceremony. He wrote to comment on this ceremony: “There are many great wonders in China and the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences is one of the greatest. Nothing ranks as high as educating the bright young minds of tomorrow. I am greatly honored to be part of this great enterprise.”

Leaders from headquarter and research institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences and from media sector, as well as officials from US embassy participated in the ceremony.

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