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Vice President of GUCAS leads the Delegation
to do the Academic Visit at University of Groningen
Author: Update time: 2009-08-20

In the President’s office

A delegation of Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (GUCAS) led by Ms. Lv Xiaopeng, Vice President of GUCAS, visited the University of Groningen (RUG) during September 3 to 8 of 2006. The purpose of this visiting to RUG was to continue the“Double PhD Program” ongoing between GUCAS and RUG. This visiting to Netherlands enhanced the understanding of two universities, and accomplished fundamental work for future cooperation.
Besides Vice President Lv, Vice Dean, Prof. Dr. Zhao Hong, Management School of GUCAS,who is currently in charge of school’s academic educational program and international cooperation program and Dr. Wang Qian, Director of the program were also in the delegation. As the first group students sent to RUG for getting PhD degree, doctoral students Zhang Xuan and Jiang Xuemei of Management School of GUCAS were also in this trip to RUG together.

RUG Vice President Rector Magnificus Prof. Dr. F. Zwarts, who is in charge of teaching and scientific research, and Prof. Dr. Henk Sol, Dean of Faculty of Management & Organization warmly welcomed Vice President Lv’s group. During the meeting, both sides introduced each advantaged majors and features, and conferred the feasibility of further cooperation programs. Vice President Rector Magnificus Prof. Dr. F. Zwarts positively expressed the good will of deeper cooperation on scientific research and teaching of both sides in future. To confirm the specific details of the “Double PhD Program”and duties and responsibilities of supervisors are also discussed during the meeting. An agreement had been reached on the regulation of students and teachers, and direction of accomplishing two doctorial thesis. Furthermore, both sides also reached agreements on further cooperation on teaching and scientific research programs, academic exchange visits, and co-application research.

Vice President Lv and Vice Dean Prof. Dr. Zhao Hong also had friendly conversations with Dean Tom Wansbeek of Economics, Vice Dean Frans Rutten and Associate Dean Bart van Ark of Faculty of Management & Organization, Frank M. Bass Professor of Marketing, Prof. Dr. Peter Leeflang of Marketing Department, Director of Marketing Institute of Management & Organization, Tammo H.A. Bijmolt, and Director of Information Systems of Management & Organization, Hans Wortmann. They exchanged their views on joint research programs, teaching activities and international cooperation programs. As honored guests, Vice President Lv’s group attended Opening Ceremony of Faculty of Management & Organization, Crown Princess Maxima of Netherlands addressed a speech.

The University of Groningen has a long academic tradition extending back to 1614, which makes Groningen the oldest University in the Netherlands after Leiden. Many very talented people in a variety of disciplines have studied or worked at the University during the 390 years of its existence, including a Nobel Prize winner, the first female University student in the Netherlands and the first female lecturer, the first Dutch astronaut and the first president of the European Bank. They share their academic roots with more than 200,000 other people who have attended the RUG as students, lecturers or research workers.

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