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The International Student Forum Open at GUCAS with Focus on
Life Sciences
Author: Update time: 2009-08-20


On the morning of June.30,2006, the International Student Forum with 53 participants from China, U.S.A., Japan and Australia was open at GUCAS’s Yuquanlu campus. CAS Vice President and academician Mr.Chen Zhu, American UNMC Vice Chancellor Mr. Don Leuenberger, Australian Academy of Science academician Mr.Andrew Smith, Japanese UT Medical Institute Director Mr.Yamamoto Tadashi and CAS Microbiology Institute Director Mr.Gao fu were invited to attend the opening ceremony. GUCAS Vice President Mr.Ma Shizhuang presided over this ceremony.

CAS Vice President Chen Zhu said in his speech that the 2006 International Student Forum is a festive event in GUCAS. International collaboration and academic exchange would speed us along the path of innovation. He’s also mentioned that GUCAS is a new-type university dedicated to graduate education. GUCAS is characterized by close relationship between education and scientific research. He expressed his best wishes for this Forum.

Later, group leaders from each country gave speech one by one. UNMC Vice Chancellor Mr. Leuenberger showed his gratitude to the organization work done by GUCAS. He said that scientific researchers shared the common language and sense. This international academic exchange would certainly help them develop a more global perspective and approach to their S&T careers.

According to Mr. Andrew Smith from the Australian Academy of Science, the Forum is an incredible opportunity for all students who are able to attend. He congratulated on all the attendees selected through various competitions finally realized their dreams and came to China.

Mr.Yamamoto Tadashi, director of Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo, firstly recalled the GUCAS-UT Forum in UT last year and then he said that the Forum enhanced the Sino-Japan academic exchange as well as benefited the friendship among students. At this Forum, not only would the student researchers develop valuable connections with others across the globe, but also acted as representatives of the scientific research conducted in their home institutions today.

CAS Microbiology Institute Director Mr.Gao fu, as a representative of CAS graduates’ supervisors, took SARS as an example to illustrate the outburst of risks in the process of globalization. International academic exchange and cooperation was a necessary solution to this problem, he said, and this forum just served this purpose as a platform.

On the behalf of the student participants, Zhang Huihui with the Faculty of Biology, GUCAS and Yohei Ohtake with the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo both expressed their best wishes to this Forum.

The 2006 International Student Forum developed from the bilateral GUCAS-UT Forum which was held in 2005. During the coming 3 days, the forum will feature research presentations and other various academic exchanges by about 100 graduate students from USA, Japan and Australia together with the ongoing students from CAS institutes focusing on the research field such as medicals and life sciences.

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