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Six Applications Selected by the CAS-KNAW Ph.D. Program
Author: Update time: 2009-08-20

The Program Reviewal Panel

 On June 15, the result of 2006 “CAS - KNAW Joint PhD Training Programme” was publicized that 6 applications are able to get financial support under the frame of this program. The successful applications are listed as follows:

1. Name applicant Chinese side: Ming Dong
Institution: Institute of Botany, CAS
Project Title: Large woody plants in dry mobile sands - life history traits and population dynamics

2. Name applicant Chinese side: Zhi-dong Zhang
Institution: Shenyang Institute of Metal Research, CAS
Project Title: Playing with the spin in single films and hybrids of manganite oxides

3.Name applicant Chinese side: Xuesi Chen
Institution: Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS
Project Title: Stereocontrolled polymerization of meso-lactide and ?-butyrolactone

4. Name applicant Chinese side: Yonglong Lü
Institution: Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, CAS
Project Title: Governmental environmental auditing on ecological programs in China

5. Name applicant Chinese side: Wei-Cai Yang
Institution: Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS
Project Title: Rhizobium-rice Symbiosis

6. Name applicant Chinese side: Luo Jin
Institution: Institute of Psychology, CAS
Project Title: Bridging the gap 2: how the medial temporal lobe associates discontinuous events in memory

CAS - KNAW Joint PhD Training Programme, under the direct guidance and concern from CAS leaders, is an international exchange program open to all the CAS graduates and carried out by GUCAS. The first run of this program has received a good achievement. This year 16 applications were submitted in total before the deadline Jan.15,2006 in the research field such as geology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, psychology, material science and management.

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